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Mountain Morning Show - Kim Murray

I can't believe that I actually get paid to get up early, drink coffee, and talk every day.  Well....ok, there may be a bit more to it than that... but honestly, most people would pay me to shut up and yet I keep finding paychecks in my in-box.  Now how cool is that?!?   It's also fun to work with Rick and our very own John Ryan every morning!  Rick and I have known each other more than half our lives, are neighbors, and our families are tight.  If you think we're get after each other on the air, you should hear the off-mic debates!  But it's all in good fun and we are truly very good friends.  We have to be or we'd throttle each other!  LOL!
In my "real life" I grew up in California, but graduated high school in Hamilton (Go Broncs!).  I've been happily married to Bob for 31 years.  He is also amazed that I get paid to talk and is openly envious of Rick's mute button!  We have 2 great sons, a wonderful future daughter-in-law, and two adorable and nearly perfect little grand-girlies.  What can I say.... we started very young!  I have my own business and  spent a lot of years on a number of boards and committees, but have cut back to watch the girls during the week. And with the little ones around life is NEVER dull!  I can't decide if they are keeping me young or aging me in dog years...but I'm banking on the latter.
We have several animals, including the infamous Gunner you hear Rick insult so much.  Lucky for Rick Gunner is a Mastiff with a really good sense of humor and is too lazy to chase Rick down.  
Love to travel, eat, and putz around the house.  Love photography, auctions, antiques and old junk, and consistently swear I'm going to make time to read more.  Belong to an awesome church and am truly thankful and amazed that God has chosen to bless our family so abundantly.
Thanks for spending part of your mornings with us!  Give us a call.....You guys are what makes it fun for us!



(406) 541-4946